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The online inventory includes:

Paintings on canvas, paintings on wood, drawings, mixed media on paper, casein on canvas, Eastern Orthodox Icons painted in Byzantine Style, etchings, engravings, watercolors, and pastels by Filip Mihail.

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Framing options 2014-05-21 05:43:57

Framing options

Framing options available for paintings purchased on FilipStudio.com

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Renaissance Mural 2014-05-14 13:06:01

Renaissance Mural

Ceiling mural painted by Filip in a living room, in Fullerton, California, USA

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Jungle Mural 2014-04-28 04:56:02

Jungle Mural

Jungle Mural painted by Filip Mihail

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Introduction to Murals 2014-04-28 04:04:22

Introduction to Murals

Custom murals made by Filip Mihail

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